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Written by our founder
Long ago, the ancient μ-civilization operated on advanced technologies such as cryonics, signal jammers, AI and blockchain. 

Before being wiped out by a deadly pandemic, μ buried these technologies and treasures deep below the Earth, underneath the land that was to become Atadia.
In the year 2052, Mekha and Farr discovered these tools and used them to build their utopian society Atadia- a city where algorithms governed all aspects of life.

Atadia initially thrived but began to regress following the rise of Detha, an iron-fisted ruler and descendant of the M Civilization.
Seizing the city’s centralized core algorithms, Detha turned them against the Atadian citizens, stripping away their freedoms and shaping the ex-utopia into a surveillance state. 

In Detha’s Atadia, algorithms followed people’s every move, listened in on their conversations, and persecuted protestors for thoughtcrime.
Dissident Atadians banded together to form “the Protectors,” a resistance group that stood up to the Detha regime and its centralized tyranny. 

Their members fought to free Atadians from oppression and sought to renegotiate mankind’s relationship with technology on mankind’s own terms.
The Protectors’ efforts culminated in
Atadian Analytics: a revolutionary set of analytics engines  that champion collective wisdom and collaboration.

Atadia awaits you - a new beginning soon to become reality.