TLDR - What does Atadia do?

Atadia takes on-chain and off-chain data, processes them with data science to create ready-to-use solutions for projects and individual users.

1. gmDATA Web3 Data Mart for projects to access wallet level data e.g. blacklist check, reputation scores, credit scores, customer preferences. Visit for more information

2. Credit and Trust Scores used for uncollateralized loans with Atadian Lending Lab and available for users to carry with the Atadian Pass soulbound NFT

3. Data Driven Lead Generation Engine to support projects reaching the right targets for WL, promos and tokens - currently used by the Proof of Loyalty tool and custom community allocations for partner projects

Why should I be an OG Atadian holder?

- Incredible hand drawn art by an award winning artist
- Earn our native $ATA currency through staking
- Special access and offers on Atadia’s products and services
- Voting rights and participate in product direction feedback
- Exclusive access to WL opportunities and alpha calls
- Potential revenue sharing opportunities from Atadia’s services

What can I use $ATA and $PTT for?

$ATA is the main ecosystem currency that users and OG Atadians NFT Holders use to interact with all things Atadia. Currently, $ATA can be used for:
- Minting and updating the Atadian Pass
- Merch purchases in combination with USDC
- Wallet Profiler fees

$PTT has not been released yet but will be used for governance and voting on issues.


Please refer to our whitepaper

Wen mint?

Minted on 10 March 2022 on the Solana blockchain. You can now find OG Atadians on secondary marketplaces.

Wen IDO?

IDO is currently targeted for Q1 2023.

Solana only?

We're currently on the Solana blockchain but we plan to be multi-chain in the near future.

Who made this awesome art?

A brilliant artist who painstakingly drew all of our art by hand. Really got to mint her new hands.

Wen merch?

Merch drop Round 1 was in June-July 2022.
Round 2? Stay tuned.

What is the Atadian Pass?

A true utility NFT with metadata that contains various metrics Atadia aggregates about you. As of August 2022 this includes:
PFPscore, Credit Score, Diamond Hand Score, Royalty Score, Mint Lover Score, and number of Atadian Handshakes received.

You will only ever need to carry ONE Atadian Pass.

Read more about scores in the Data & Algorithms FAQ section
Read more about Atadian Handshake in its respective FAQ section

Why should I get the Atadian Pass?

It will build trust on Web3 and is a Pass into Atadia and beyond:
- The Atadian Pass is required for you to access all of Atadia’s services
- When you interact with our partners’ platforms with the Atadian Pass, your scores may unlock a myriad of perks across credit, retail, WL, jobs and DAO roles
- Lastly, earn a cut of the fee when a partner/dApp checks your PFPscore with us

How do I use it?

Mint ONE Atadian Pass to your main burner wallet and interact with partnering platforms. Platforms and dApps will be able to access your PFPscore through the Atadian Pass or direct requests to us.

How do I mint the Atadian Pass?

a. Go to
b. Connect your Discord, Twitter and all your wallets
c. Make sure the wallet you want to station your Atadian Pass is set as the “main” wallet. You won’t be able to move the Pass around.
d. Press mint and the Atadian Pass will be added to your wallet. Note that the Atadian Pass will initially be blank and will not carry any scores yet
e. Update your score to load your Pass with your latest scores

How much does it cost to mint? How much per score update?

Mint for 0.3 SOL or 200 $ATA

Update with free quotas based on your Atadian Pass Tier
OR for a fee of 0.1 SOL or 65 $ATA per time

Why do I need to update my Atadian Pass?

Your PFPscore is dynamic and changes over time given new Web3 activity is constantly being generated. The PFPscore on your Atadian Pass is currently valid for one week, after which you will need to update your Pass.

How long does it take to update my Pass?

This depends on how many wallets you have connected and the combined volume of transaction histories. Typically, score updates will take between 5 to 20 minutes.
If your scores have not appeared after 30 minutes, press Resend Score. You will not be charged again for doing this.

Why 5 Atadian Pass skins?

The Atadian Pass is linked to our XP Rewards loyalty program. As you progress and collect XP by interacting with the Atadia ecosystem, your Atadian Pass skin will upgrade accordingly. Everyone starts with the Standard skin and progresses to Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Can I send my Atadian Pass to another wallet?

No, the Atadian Pass is non-transferable and is locked to the main wallet that you chose at mint. If you want to switch your main wallet, you will need to mint a new Atadian Pass. The old Atadian Pass will be disregarded and you can burn it.

What if I no longer want to use the Atadian Pass?

You have to option of burning your Atadian Pass. However, please note that you will no longer be able to access any of Atadia's services and will lose all XP Rewards you may have accumulated over time.

What is Proof-Of-Loyalty (PoLo)?

Proof-of-Loyalty (PoLo) is an analytics whitelisting tool designed to reward diamond hands holders. We help projects allocate WL spots to top holders based on their track records.

What metrics are used for PoLo applicant ranking?

2. Mint Lover Score i.e. how often you mint
1. Diamond Hand Score i.e. how long you hold your NFTs vs others in each collection

How many projects can I apply for?

There is currently no limit to the number of projects you can apply for.

Any tips to improve my chances of winning WL spots?

Your chances depend on how diamond handed you are versus others.

However, make sure to submit as many wallets as you can. The more data we have on your NFT holding patterns, the more accurate your score will be.

My NFTs are staked. Does this affect my Diamond Hand Score?

Staked NFTs are taken into account for Diamond Hand Score calculations. You may rest easy.

How do I know if I won WL spots?

You will be notified by email and you can also check in the 'Successful' tab on the PoLo page for WL spots you have won.

What is Lending Lab?

Exclusive to Atadian Pass members, Lending Lab offers low interest uncollateralised micro loans. It's also a way for you to build your credit history with Atadia.

How much interest do I pay for loans?

The Lending Lab interest rate is 5%.
However if you are an OG Atadian holder or achieved Diamond Tier XP, you're eligible for zero interest loans.

How long is the loan for?

You have 7 days to pay back loans from the Lending Lab.

For Platinum and Diamond Tier XP members, this is extended to 14 days for loans.

Does everyone get the same loan offers?

Your loan offers, or lack thereof, are based on our algorithms that evaluate your wallets and on-chain history. For example, any association with blacklisted wallets means you probably will not receive any loan offers.

What happens if I default on my loan?

Your scores with Atadia, and by extension our partners, will take a significant hit resulting in restrictions across our ecosystem. You will also be assigned the 'LL Defaulter' role within our discord server.

What does the Wallet Profiler do?

Input any Solana wallet address into the search bar and the wallet profiler will provide insights about that wallet to you within minutes. Insights are available at 2 levels:

Free Insights
Date First Active
- Blacklist Check (checked against our database of reported rugs and scams)
- Web-Of-Wallets (identifying other wallets potentially owned by the same person)

Premium Insights
- Wallet Snapshot including net worth, asset breakdown, and NFT holdings
- Atadian Metrics including credit score, diamond hand score and royalty contribution
- Wallet Behaviour including active hours and last transaction
- Protocol Associations (programs that the wallet interacts with regularly e.g. ME, Raydium, etc)

All insights are also available via APIs for projects.

How much do I pay for Premium Insights?

Premium Insights cost 0.1 SOL or 65 $ATA per wallet address check, and will remain available for a week if you want to run a search on the same wallet again.

Royalty Check?

Search for any NFT token address to find out if royalties were paid during its last purchase from a secondary marketplace.
This is also available as an API for any projects who want to find out the royalty payment status of their holders.

What is the Atadian Handshake?

Simply put, it’s like giving someone a stamp of approval. Send the Atadian Handshake NFT to someone you trust and it will boost their reputation score.

Why should I send it?

It helps Atadia build a network of trusted individuals and is a way to spread the love.
By sending the Handshake, you'll also receive 10 XP Rewards and if the recipient mints an Atadian Pass within 72 hours, you'll be entered into our monthly raffles.

Can I stake OGAs?

OG Atadians NFTs can be staked for $ATA emission (109 $ATA daily until April 2024) at Honey Finance.

Stake Now
What is CryoStaking?

CryoStaking is a way for OGA holders with high conviction in Atadia’s growth to temporarily pause their rewards and liquidity in favour of higher rewards in the future. CryoStaking leads to additional $ATA and $PTT emissions from our CryoStaking reserve pool.

CryoStaking took place between 17th to 22nd October 2022, with 30% of holders choosing to CryoStake.

TLDR on CryoStaking mechanics?

1. Choose between CryoStaking for 2,3 or 4 years (longer time horizons will receive higher $ATA and $PTT rewards)

2. Upon CryoStaking, your OGA will be swapped for a Cryo Capsule that will be locked to your wallet. CryoStaking is irreversible - your OGA can be unlocked in the form of Vision OG Atadian (VOGA’23) in early 2023 before fully transforming to Awakened OG Atadian (AOGA’54) in 2054.

3. You will need a Cryo Capsule + a Shard of Scirtemais to unlock your VOGA’23.

Please refer to this article for a detailed explanation on CryoStaking mechanics and rewards

Cryo Capsule? Shard of Scirtemais? Sounds mysterious…

The Cryo Capsule is basically a ‘receipt’ of CryoStaking and you will need it to claim both the Vision OGA (VOGA’23) in early 2023 and eventually your fully Awakened OGA (AOGA’54) in 2054.

The Shards of Scirtemais are tradeable lore-based tokens, airdropped to holders, that are the second component required to unlock a VOGA’23. The Shards of Scirtemais are available in 4 levels of rarity - the rarity of your Shard will determine the rarity and looks of your VOGA’23.

Can I still exit after CryoStaking my OG Atadian?

By CryoStaking, you only lose liquidity for 3-4 months. You will be able to unlock the Vision OG Atadians (VOGA’23) in early 2023, to which all $ATA and $PTT emissions will be tied, and trade it on secondary marketplaces like a bond.

As the CryoStaking originator, you will still be entitled to receiving your fully Awakened OG Atadian (AOGA’54) in 2054. You can also check in on your OG Atadian in stasis in The Vault.

Vision OG Atadians (VOGA’23)?

VOGA’23 will be available in early 2023 and is the next step in the evolution of CryoStaked OG Atadians. VOGA’23 will earn higher $ATA and $PTT and it will be visible from the art which CryoStaking option and corresponding emission schedule each VOGA’23 is entitled to.

When the time comes to claim a VOGA’23, you will need two things: a Cryo Capsule and a Shard of Scirtemais.

I’m not going anywhere - how do I get my Awakened OG Atadians (AOGA’54)?

AOGA’54 will be revived from stasis in 2054 with upgraded art. They will be NFTs in their most original sense - pure art to admire with deep emotional value.