TLDR - What does Atadia do?

Atadia is a Web3 Analytics Project that uses AI to maximize the value of on and off-chain data to enable new possibilities.

Our Core Products:
FINSEI - Investment Copilot powered by Large Language Models
- Fine-tuned LLM with connection to investment data
Integrations with Web3
Future integrations with quant strategies driven by algorithms

Atadian Lending Lab - Token-based and Credit Risk Adjusted Lending dApp
- P2P token lending & borrowing with on-chain credit scores enhancement
- Credit scores are from ML model trained on actual zero-collateral lending data

Why OG Atadians?

OG Atadians (OGA)
- Minted on 10 March 2022 with supply of 5,000
- Available on secondary marketplaces (Magic Eden)

Holder Benefits:
- Incredible hand drawn art by an award winning artist
- Earn 109 $ATA/day currency through staking
- Discount on loan fees in the Lending Lab
- Discounted $ATA pricing - Atadian Pass, Merch, ...
- Early access to $PTT tokens for voting rights
- Exclusive access to WL opportunities and alpha calls
- Potential revenue sharing opportunities from Atadia’s services
- Basilisk Tier benefits for holders who own >5

Why NeoAtadians?

NeoAtadians (NATD)
- Minted on 28 February 2023 with supply of 2,000
- Available on secondary marketplaces (Magic Eden)

Holder Benefits:
- Rapid $ATA release through Burn mechanism (95% released by May 2023)
- Discounted $ATA pricing - Atadian Pass, Merch, ...
- $ATA staking package options to earn additional $ATA and $PTT
- Option to extend credit line in the Lending Lab
- Exclusive access to WL opportunities and alpha calls

Atadian Pass?

The Atadian Pass was a true utility NFT with metadata that contained various metrics Atadia aggregated about users - this included a Reputation Score, Credit Score, Diamond Hand Score, and Mint Lover Score.

However, usage of the Atadian Pass has been discontinued. If you previously held an AP and want to burn it, simply go to:


Please refer to our whitepaper

Solana only?

We're currently on the Solana blockchain but we plan to be multi-chain in the near future.

Who made this awesome art?

A brilliant artist who painstakingly drew all of our art by hand. Really got to mint her new hands.

Wen merch?

Merch drop Round 1 was in June-July 2022.
Merch drop Round 2 is currently live. Check it out here

What is Lending Lab?

Lending Lab is a P2P lending platform that offers token-based uncollaterised loans by matching lenders and borrowers, using credit scores created by Atadia to personalize borrower experiences.

How much interest do I pay for loans?

Interest rates depend on your credit score and also the risk level of the tokens you choose to borrow.

How long is the loan for?

Each token has its own set duration, ranging from 3-14 days.

Does everyone get the same loan offers?

Your loan offers, or lack thereof, are based on our algorithms that evaluate your wallets and on-chain history. For example, any association with blacklisted wallets means you probably will not receive any loan offers or be offered loans at higher interest rates.

What happens if I default on my loan?

Your scores with Atadia, and by extension our partners, will take a significant hit resulting in restrictions across our ecosystem. Your tokens will also be transferred over to the lender by default.

Is there a platform fee for the Lending Lab?

Yes, the platform fee is 15% but OGA or VOGA holders get a 50% discount on platform fees (reducing it to 7.5%).

What is FINSEI?

FINSEI (pronounced "fin·say" like "sensei" a Japanese word for someone considered a master) is a user-friendly DEX equipped with AI and systematic trading tools.

Perfect for people who want to research, invest, and trade in a smarter faster way as the world transitions to Web3. Ultimately, humans like yourself will be making the decisions, but finSEI will do its best to augment that process.

Smart AI + Easy DEX for all + Simple UX = FINSEI

Invest better. Less time wasted.

FINSEI Features

Current product features include:
- AI powered investment research capabilities (IRL stocks and Web3 tokens)
- Watchlist
- Token Swap (0% fees)
- Chat-to-Swap
- More to come...

Can I stake OGAs?

OG Atadians NFTs can be staked for $ATA emissions (109 $ATA daily until April 2024) at our website HERE.

Our initial pool was at Honey Finance and was depleted on April 12th 2023. Visit the old pool here
After April 12th, your only course of action will be to unstake and migrate to our website. You will not be able to claim $ATA from Honey but our staking site will add on and compensate you with the $ATA that you are entitled to.

What is CryoStaking?

CryoStaking is a way for OGA holders with high conviction in Atadia’s growth to temporarily pause their rewards and liquidity in favour of higher rewards in the future. CryoStaking leads to additional $ATA and $PTT emissions from our CryoStaking reserve pool.

CryoStaking took place between 17th to 22nd October 2022, with 30% of holders choosing to CryoStake.

TLDR on CryoStaking mechanics?

1. Choose between CryoStaking for 2,3 or 4 years (longer time horizons will receive higher $ATA and $PTT rewards)

2. Upon CryoStaking, your OGA will be swapped for a Cryo Capsule that will be locked to your wallet. CryoStaking is irreversible - your OGA can be unlocked in the form of Vision OG Atadian (VOGA’23) in early 2023 before fully transforming to Awakened OG Atadian (AOGA’54) in 2054.

3. You will need a Cryo Capsule + a Shard of Scirtemais to unlock your VOGA’23.

Please refer to this article for a detailed explanation on CryoStaking mechanics and rewards

Cryo Capsule? Shard of Scirtemais? Sounds mysterious…

The Cryo Capsule is basically a ‘receipt’ of CryoStaking and you will need it to claim both the Vision OGA (VOGA’23) in early 2023 and eventually your fully Awakened OGA (AOGA’54) in 2054.

The Shards of Scirtemais are tradeable lore-based tokens, airdropped to holders, that are the second component required to unlock a VOGA’23. The Shards of Scirtemais are available in 4 levels of rarity - the rarity of your Shard will determine the rarity and looks of your VOGA’23.

Can I still exit after CryoStaking my OG Atadian?

By CryoStaking, you only lose liquidity for 3-4 months. You will be able to unlock the Vision OG Atadians (VOGA’23) in early 2023, to which all $ATA and $PTT emissions will be tied, and trade it on secondary marketplaces like a bond.

As the CryoStaking originator, you will still be entitled to receiving your fully Awakened OG Atadian (AOGA’54) in 2054. You can also check in on your OG Atadian in stasis in The Vault.

Vision OG Atadians (VOGA’23)?

VOGA’23 were released on 29 March 2023 with upgraded art for holders who chose to CryoStake.
VOGA’23 will earn higher $ATA and $PTT. The stamp on the top left indicates the CryoStaking Years assigned to each VOGA and the corresponding emission schedule each VOGA’23 is entitled to.

When the time comes to claim a VOGA’23, you will need two things: a Cryo Capsule and a Shard of Scirtemais.

Can I stake VOGA'23s?

Vision OG Atadians (VOGA'23) are not eligible for staking on the OGA website. VOGA'23 will earn $ATA on their own emission schedule based on the CryoStaking year option chosen.

How do I claim $ATA and $PTT from my VOGA'23?

You can claim emissions for VOGA'23 at the Cryo Vault starting 24th April 2023.
Cryo Vault

I’m not going anywhere - how do I get my Awakened OG Atadians (AOGA’54)?

AOGA’54 will be revived from stasis in 2054 with upgraded art. They will be NFTs in their most original sense - pure art to admire with deep emotional value.

Where can I stake $ATA or NATD?

$ATA or NeoAtadian staking can be done here

What is $ATA’s utility?

(i) Purchase or subsidise product purchases, covering Atadia’s merchandise and the Atadian Pass, which then gives users access to uncollateralised, credit scoring-powered lending, our data-driven whitelist allocation tool, and lead generation service
(ii) You will be able to use both $ATA and NATD as collateral to extend your credit line on the Lending Lab
(iii) Stake to earn $ATA and $PTT, our governance token

What staking options do I have?

There are 4 options, varying by time horizon and commitment level:

(i) Short Term: 1 month soft-lock
(ii) Medium Term: 3-month lockup
(iii) Long Term: 6-month lockup
(iv) True Legend: 1-year lockup

What do I get if I commit for longer?

Your stake gets “boosted,” meaning your share of the reward pool is also proportionately boosted. Rewards earned by the medium term, long term and true legend tiers are 1.2, 3 and 5 times higher than the short term tier respectively.

You will also continue to earn at this boosted rate during the vesting period which lasts long after your lockup ends.

What is the displayed APR?

Displayed APRs are estimated returns based on actual stakers’ returns in the previous epoch (3 days). Note that (i) APRs do not assume compounding interest and (ii) these might not be your actual realised earning since actual rewards vary with the total amount of $ATA staked at the time that you decide to stake.

So how do I know my actual yield?

It is displayed in your dashboard under “MY ACCOUNTS”.

What is a soft-lock?

A soft-lock allows you to retain liquidity. Interest accumulates during the soft-lock period. Principal can be unstaked at any time. However, all rewards will be forsaken if principal is withdrawn before the soft lock period is complete.

What about a standard lock?

In a standard lock, interest is accumulated but both this interest and the staked principal cannot be withdrawn.

What is a vesting period?

This comes after standard lock ends. In a vesting period, principal and interest can be unstaked at any point. Interest keeps accruing at your well-earned previous boosted rate until principal is withdrawn.

Each staking option has varying lengths of vesting periods.

Can I stake the $ATA embedded in my NeoAtadian without burning my NeoAtadian to flames?


Can I diversify and stake my $ATA in multiple staking options?

Yes, simply repeat the staking process!

Can I unstake only a part of my staked $ATA?

Not unless you staked them separately.

How do I earn $PTT?

$PTT are rewarded to highly convicted peeps, namely long term and true legend stakers. $PTT is also offered to CryoStakers who long term staked their OGAs back in November. $ATA staking is now the only active path towards $PTT.